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Streamlining Project Collaboration for EPC Service Providers

Base transforms how operations personnel and their hiring clients collaborate. Offering real-time updates, vendor sourcing, and streamlined procurement flows. Say goodbye to the chaos of emails and WhatsApp.

Common Hurdles in Project Operations

Fixing Common Collaboration Problems & Fragmented Communication

Have you ever found yourself up against these common issues in your project logistics or operations? If so, you’re not alone…

❌ Miscommunication Between Teams

❌ Delayed Approvals and Sign-offs

❌ Compliance and Regulation Hurdles

❌ Inefficient Document Handling

❌ Vendor Reliability and Performance

❌ Unpredictable Cash Flow

❌ Difficulty in Tracking Project Milestones

❌ Lack of Real-time Project Visibility

Empowering Your Project Team

Transforming the Way You Do Business

Transform your operations with our suite of business management tools that put you in control. Effortlessly manage contracts, work orders, service requests, and purchase orders. It’s smooth sailing from here on out with Base.

Keep Track of Payments & Get Paid Faster

Accelerate your billing process with Base, get paid faster and improve your cash flow.

Display Realtime Data & Provide Better Value To Your Clients

Impress your clients with direct access to their historical invoices, seamless collaboration features and more.

Stay Organized & Streamline Your Procurement Processes

Break free from cumbersome ERP systems and enjoy a streamlined procurement process with our spend and vendor management features.

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See what our customers have to say about their experience with Base. From faster invoicing to improved operational efficiency, Base is empowering businesses around the globe.

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User-Friendly Interface

Navigating through Base is a breeze. With intuitive controls and a simple layout, managing your projects has never been easier.

Document Management

Store, retrieve and manage your documents with ease. With Base, document retention and seamless uploads are a cinch.

Real-Time Audit Log

Stay in the loop. Our real-time audit log gives you the power to monitor every aspect of your operation.

Empowering Industry Leaders

Wherever You Fit in the Supply Chain, Base Has You Covered

Whether you’re on the client side managing projects or a vendor fulfilling services, Base is designed to support your specific needs.

Hiring Clients

Regain control over disjointed approval systems and workflows. Quickly reconcile their work with your requests, improve your spending with a comprehensive audit log, and streamline your procurement with layered approval workflows and notifications in Base.

Contractor / Supplier

Speed up your invoicing so you can get paid faster, take the conversation out of e-mail so you can collaborate with clients directly, and provide enhanced value by giving your clients real-time visibility into your work with Base.

Mark Dupuis

Our Story

Meet the Man Behind the Mission﹣Mark Dupuis, VP of Product

With 10 years of experience as a Logistics Operations Director, Mark knew what it was like to struggle with inefficient systems. He created Base to fill a gap in the market, delivering a system that not only made his job easier but also provided immense value to his clients. A platform designed to revolutionize project logistics and supply chain management. With Base, he’s redefining project logistics management, one project at a time.

Base Supports Your Team

Strengthening Every Aspect of Your Business

From logistics to procurement and operations, Base is designed to provide comprehensive support for all your teams.
Keep everything moving smoothly. Base helps your logistics team track and manage your project’s progress.
Make every dollar count. Base offers procurement teams the tools they need to manage spend and vendor relationships efficiently.
Keep the big picture in focus. Base helps operations teams oversee multiple internal organizations and streamline approval processes.

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Base has been designed to bridge the gaps in the supply chain and project support businesses. Why wait? There’s no better time than now to improve your operations. Start your journey towards efficient, collaborative project management with Base. Try it now and let Base do the hard work for you.

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