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Finally, A Billing Software For Your Port Operations

Imagine a day where every dollar’s accounted for. No more wasted hours on double data entry, confusing spreadsheets, or billing errors that upset your clients. A day where you leave work on time and make it home for dinner.

Vessel operations at a port (billing software for vessel agents)

The Old Way

Sending Too many Supplemental Invoices Due to Trailing Costs?

Tired of the endless cycle of manual data entry, error-prone processes, and the headache of handling client disputes over billing. It’s exhausting, error-filled, and eats into your personal time.

A hand reaching over a large stack of paperwork

There's a Better Way

Meet Base, Your Billing Command center

Base simplifies your disbursement accounting, giving you back control over your time and reducing the margin for error. Built from the ground up by former agents-Base brings all your financial operations into one central and easy-to-use platform, automating the tedious tasks that eat up your day. 

Eliminate double data entry

Job Duplication Made Easy

Quickly duplicate your jobs without having to re-enter the same data for every port call.

A demonstration of Base's "duplicate job" feature
A demonstration of how to log costs with Base

Build Jobs Faster

Log Costs On-the-Go

Your workforce can track and log cost data wherever they are-office, onboard, or in the field.

Ditch Adobe for Merging

One-Click Billing Packets

Upload and merge hundreds of files at once. Generate your client billing backup files with the click of a single button. No more hours wasted stitching documents together in Adobe.

Base's "merge documents" feature

Reduce your email chains

Streamline Your Clients' Cost Approvals

Set up cost approval dashboards for your principals. Give your clients the ability to stay informed and up-to-date as your team logs their costs. 

Base's client cost dashboard

When our clients pressed us to substantiate costs, our accountants would have to work overtime. They’d spend 40 minutes on each job, and have to coordinate across departments. Everyone HATED it. Today, we have ZERO accounting staff. Base allows our ops people to manage their admin, churning through jobs in <5 minutes (88% time savings). We have won so much repeat work because our people are in control of their workload. 

Amanda Demel, Operations Manager


Why Choose Base?

Key Features That Set Us Apart

From automating the mundane to providing unprecedented clarity on every transaction, is designed to make your life easier.

User-Friendly Dashboard

A dashboard so easy to use your operators will never want to open Excel again.

Keep Accounting Happy

Integrate with existing accounting systems, whether you’re using Quickbooks, Xero, or ERP.

Scalable & Globally Distributed

Future-proof your marine agency with a billing software that’s distributed globally, and can scale as you capture market share.

Accurate Cost Tracking

Never worry about having to submit another supplemental invoice again. Track every dollar to the penny.

You've Got Questions

We've Got Answers

Here are some common queries we get about and how it can transform your

Absolutely! Our platform is designed for quick integration with minimal disruption.

Yes, cloud distributed, meaning Base is accessible on any device with an internet connection.

Absolutely! We ensure a smooth setup process with full support from our team. 

Security is our top priority. Your data is protected with state-of-the-art encryption.

Absolutely! We offer customized demos to show you how Base can fit into your

Yes! We provide comprehensive training to get your team proficient and comfortable.

Absolutely, Base is built for global operations and supports multiple currencies.

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